Grade C+
Cost Performance
NSF 42/58

Certified by NSF to reduce chlorine taste, odor and a limited number of contaminants. Inexpensive system price and moderate replacement price. Does not restore healthy minerals lost in the reverse osmosis process.


From the manufacturer

  • Reverse osmosis filtration
    Water is filtered three times

  • Reduces 16 contaminants that can be found in drinking water
    See performance data sheet for more information details; elements reduced are not necessarily present in your water

  • System filters the equivalent of 68,000 bottles of water
    Based upon a 16.9 ounce bottle and 5 year system usage

  • Easy above sink faucet installation

  • Filter change reminder light on faucet


From the manufacturer

Faucet Monitor: Electronic Timer
Max. Hardness: 10 Grains
Max. TDS (ppm): 2000
Automatic Shut-Off: Yes
Filter: FX12P
Filter Change Indicator: LED
Filter Life: 6 Months or 900 gallons
Filter Membrane: FX12M
LED Indicators: Yes
Process Water Used (per gal.): 10.4
TDS Removal: 95%
Arsenic Reduction: 97%
Barium Reduction: 96%
Cadmium Reduction: 97%
Chlorine Taste and Odor Reduction: 97%
Chromium III Reduction: 97%
Chromium VI Reduction: 96%
Copper Reduction: 98%
Cysts Reduction: 99.99%
Fluroide Reduction: 87%
Lead Reduction: 96%
Nickel Reduction: 99%
Radium Reduction: 96%
Selenium Reduction: 97%
TDS Reduction: 95%
Turbidity Reduction: 99%
Feed Water pH Limits: 4-10
Feed Water Pressure (psi): 40 Min - 125 Max.
Feed Water Temperature: 40-100 F
Plumbing Connections: 1/4" Inlet - 3/8" Outlet
Water Inlet Valve: Saddle valve
NSF Particulate Reduction: Class I

Filtered Water Output: 9.8 gal/day
Storage Tank Capacity (gals.): 4* (*Theoretical tank capacity. When tested according to NSF/ANSI 58 at 50 PSIG inlet pressure, tank capacity is 2.05 gallons)
Unit Capacity: 900 Gallons

Color Appearance: Chrome
Faucet Color : Chrome With Black
Filter Housing: White
Installation: Undercounter Kit Included
Unit Color: White
Filter Style: Compression
System Mounting Orientation: Vertical

Overall Depth: 5 1/2 in
Overall Height: 15 in
Overall Width: 14 in
Tank Dimensions (H X W X D): 15.5 x 11 x 11(in.)
Approximate Shipping Weight: 23 lb
Net Weight: 21 lb

Faucet Monitor Power Requirement: 1 - CR2032 Lithium 3V (Included)

Installation Kit: Included
Mounting Brackets: Included
Replacement Filters: FX12P/FX12M
Replacement Membrane: FX12M
Supplemental Tank: WS32X10006 (Available at Additional Cost)

Parts Warranty: Limited 1-year entire appliance
Labor Warranty: Limited 1-year entire appliance
Warranty Notes: See written warranty for full details


Customer Rating: 3.0 out of 5

Number of Reviews: 13

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1.0 out of 5 stars
By Tom Haikinon March 23, 2014
A common problem with this system is that the vent plugs and needs to be blown out with air. It has clogged twice in a year and each time it seeps water out of the vent hole under the top of the faucet, flooding your countertop and floor. There is no warning and you don't see it coming until you step in the puddle. It's poorly designed. I'm throwing it out and getting something more reliable. I had a Whirlpool in by previous home for over five years without a failure.

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1.0 out of 5 stars
This is a hateful product
By AmazonRickon February 10, 2015
Having just completed my first filter change (including RO membrane) my perspective on this product has changed some -- for the worse.
The filter change process took about an hour and a half. Lots of water spilled on the floor. The sanitation process requires the use of CHLORINE BLEACH -- fortunately none of that was spilled. This device is a Robe Goldberg design of exposed, interconnecting hoses and fittings. Changing the RO membrane involves using a toothpick to dig out a tiny screen and a sharp knife to remove a flow restrictor. I found there was no way to reinsert the screen as the manufacturer intended and I likely damaged it when installing. One of the plastic fittings stripped -- and I used no tools in reassembly of that part. I am amazed that it did not leak.
Advice to anyone purchasing this product: Make certain you can get at it to change the filters. Don't, for example, permanently mount it underneath a sink where access is difficult. (Fortunately, my plumber mounted Mr Goldberg's product so it could be removed for servicing. I thought the installation was a bit messy at the time -- and it was -- but I'm glad it did it that way.)
Note: After one changes the filters and bleach is added to sanitize, EIGHT gallons of water must be run through the system and the tank must be emptied multiple times. The entire process of filter change, tank emptying and water generation takes about 24 hours.
Next time the filters need replacing I am going to solve this problem buy junking this product and buying a competitive brand. No more Goldberg/GE junk for me!
(Incidentally, this items is available for a significantly lower price at a couple of the "big box" stores.)

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