System Price$1,595.00
CertificationNot NSF Certified
Chlorine ReductionNot Listed
Capacity500,000 gallons
Cost Per Gallon< 1¢
Flow Rate10 GPM

System is not NSF Certified -- published system testing data not available. Chlorine reduction not listed, but system has a high flow rate listed. Long lasting system, but requires difficult media replacement.

System Features
No Loss in Water Pressure No Electricity Required Dual-Tank Design
No Backwashing Required Published Performance Data Easy Replacement


From the manufacturer:

The CuZn™ Single Tank Whole House Water Filtration System provides pure, filtered water throughout the house for drinking, cooking, showering, bathing, washing, and watering your yard all from one central, single tank system. The Cuzn™ Whole House System removes over 100 contaminants including chlorine, lead, heavy metals, asbestos, iron, hydrogen sulfide and scale.

Cuzn filters naturally soften water without the use of salts or chemicals and does not require membranes or filter replacements. The Cuzn Single Tank Whole House Filter does require a media replacement every 500,000 gallons.


Model: WH-200B - Single Tank System for chlorinated water with automatic backwashing head
Capacity: 500,000+ gallons
Water Flow: up to 8gpm
Dimensions: 44" tall
Fittings: 3/4" inlet/outlet
Shipping Weight: 71 pounds
ASIN: B00091UX6G

Warranty: Tanks carry 10-year pro-rated

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