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This site is intended to present documented and factual information on the price, performance and ongoing costs of leading brand home water filtration products.

The information on waterfiltercomparisons.com has been compiled by Aquasana, Inc., the purveyor of Aquasana brand water filter products. At Aquasana, we regularly look at competitive data to ensure that our Aquasana products offer the best value and performance for our customers. We’re confident our Aquasana products outperform the competition and we have made the research available to you so you can decide for yourself.

In addition to helping you choose the best water filtration product for your home, waterfiltercomparisons.com is also meant to discourage bottled water usage. Every day in America, over 60 million plastic bottles are disposed of due to bottled water usage, causing significant contamination of our natural resources.

The data we’ve reported is derived from available public information. We invite you to explore this site and the information provided here and use it to make the best decision for you about the water filtration in your home. We welcome and encourage your comments. Contact Us